Yoast Doesn’t Give Keyword Suggestion

I have just figured out, that everytime I type a keyword on the focus keyword box, it doesn’t give me expanded words anymore. About a week ago, it still worked like a charm.  I don’t know the exact time when Yoast stopped giving keyword suggestion. Maybe after the latest update. Well, now I am still looking for an easy way to get it back. The Yoast’s keyword suggestion feature is one of the biggest reason why I use it as the main WordPress SEO plugin on my WordPress blogs.

SEO is basically about keyword. It is the keyword that brings visitors to the posts on our blog. As you may have read somewhere, that writing a blog’s post should be started with finding and crafting keywords.

Of course Google doesn’t want us to write a post mainly based on the keywords. It is a sin to write only for search engine, LOL. A good content should be based on offering a solution or information. Well, yes, nobody would say no to that. But, as the competition is so tight, we must admit that writing a post without even thinking about the keyword is useless. No matter how great our content is, it won’t appear on SERP.Yoast Focus Keyword not workingThat’s why keyword suggestion tool like what we have on Yoast is so important. It used to help me a lot. Right now I’m trying to use another keyword suggestion plugin, the WP Keyword Suggest plugin. Well, ok, I need time to learn how to efficiently use it to get better keywords.

How about you? Does it sill work? I’m wondering that it is because I have a poor internet connection. Or maybe there is something I need to change in the settings. Hmmm….

I do need a suggestion here. Is Yoast’s keyword suggestion feature still working for you? Is there any Yoast’s alternative that match it’s keyword suggestion feature?

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2 thoughts on “Yoast Doesn’t Give Keyword Suggestion

    1. Yes Harvey. That’s maybe the case. As up to now, I haven’t found any clues on what actually happened. Thank’s for the visit.

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