Why Would Google Change Android Market to Google Play?

Why Would Google Change Android Market to Google Play? | Google took a big decision to change the name of the Android Market, which has been very familiar to the ear Android users. This decision is like giving a sign that something is wrong with Android Market.

If there were no errors with the Android Market, Google would let it continue forever. Now, the online application store that has been entered in the Google service Play.

So far, the Android Market is known as a service that provides content and game applications for Android users. Someone who visited the Android Market, must have had affairs to shopping and gaming applications, no more.

This is what you want to change Google. That, Google Play not only cater to Android users.

Play offers new Google stigma that this site provides all the entertainment, ranging from games, music, books to video. This site would be a cool place to "hang out." Let’s play on Google’s Play!
During this time, Google separates entertainment service so that the site does not become a fun place to linger in front of a computer screen.

"We made ​​a lot of bets in many places, now we are focused into a site that can offer all the applications," said Google executive Bradley Horowitz said in an interview with Venture Beat.

Initially, at least Google Play Android users will frequently visited.
If the Internet giant is a good marketing strategy as well as filling content that is relevant to the needs of the market, this site will soon become a "hangout" is cool.

Because Google’s Play is designed not only for Android users.

Why Would Google Change Android Market to Google Play?
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