Where To Download Opera Mini Next?

homeWhere To Download Opera Mini Next? | As Opera has just announced its latest Opera Mini, the need to try it grows that big. Maybe it is not as phenomenal as the number of the Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview downloads that striking the whole atmosphere these days. The Opera Mini Next is still in development, means that some features maybe do not work as what we may expect. I’ve used it for several days now. What can I say? It is truly a piece of art. Thanks to the team who build it.

Social networkSome changes come with it compared to the officially latest Opera Mini version, the 6.5. The major added feature is that now we have two pre-set tabs on the front page, the Home and the previously 9 short cuts. On the Home tab, we have some great links, My Opera and Mobile Store, nothing we can do about it, as there is now way to change the links. Social Networks section on it is the feature that Opera wants to put in the front line. After setting it up a while by inputting your Facebook and Twitter login accounts, we can have the latest updates on booth biggest social network platform almost simultaneously. It works pretty good on my SE G502.

suggested linksOn the bottom, we can find Suggested Links. Opera Mini Next categorize them into News, Finance, Travel, Sports, Music, Movies, and Community. To the other mobile browsers, this is not something new, but for Opera Mini, this is the first time it comes with such a rich compilation of links. I really don’t like how other mobile browsers take the advantage of including links to them, as many of those links are paid ones or being parts of affiliate one. I can’t say that the links included on Opera Mini Next are the clean ones, but as they are shown in a non obstructive way, still I appreciate them as gifts. LOL.

Well, I know that you have read many Opera Mini Next reviews out there before you finally got here, so it is better for you to try it yourself. Where to download Opera Mini Next?

You can download Opera Mini Next for your Java, Symbian, BlackBerry, Android, or iPhone by visiting http://m.opera.com/next/ using your native cell phone’s browser. It is ok if you access it by using your latest installed Opera Mini, it works though.

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