Top 10 HTML5 Games You Can Instantly Play on PC

Top 10 HTML5 Games You Can Instantly Play on PC | HTML5 is still relatively new to the world of markup language web site. Until now, HTML5 is still being developed, but HTML5 has increased rapidly in terms of graphics and animation.

HTML5 is also used by developers to create games that are played through the latest browser.

No need to install the application, users need only connect to the internet and already have a browser, like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or Internet Explorer, the latest version.

In addition to the desktop and laptop computers, HTML5 games can also be played on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The following is a list of 10 best HTML5 games that are ready to give the sensation of playing the game….

1. Cut the Rope (PC and mobile)

Cut the RopeCut the Rope tells about a green monster who loved candy and stars. The task of feeding the gamer is a green monster, by cutting the rope that binds candy.
Three stars and candy will go into the mouth of the green monster. From there the players get points. Link:

2. Angry Birds (PC)

Angry Birds PC
The most popular game today, Angry Birds, also present in HTML5. As always, you are in charge of knocking down the building where the pigs green refuge from the angry bird.
There are 70 levels in HTML5 version of Angry Birds, plus 7 additional level for the Chrome browser from Google. All levels can be enjoyed free of charge. Link:

3. World’s Biggest Pac-Man (PC)

Pac-Man is a legendary game that has been there since the days of Atari 2600 game console in the 1980s.
Players must control the motion of the Pac Man to eat all the wafer and avoid the ghosts that haunt virtual. Link:

4. The Sarien Collection (PC and mobile)

For lovers of ancient PC game, would know these games from Sierra. If you want to reminisce with the game, then you can play it for free by visiting
There, you can play the King’s Quest Series, Police Quest Series, and the Gold Rush. Link:

5. Curvy (PC and mobile)

You will be faced with a screen that displays a lot of the hexagon shape. You have to rotate the hexagon so that all color channels are scrambled before, can be connected to each other.
Sounds easy, right? Curvy but not as easy as you might imagine, because you really have to rack my brain.

6. Rebel Rescue (PC and mobile)

Rebel RescueRebel Rescue is a game inspired by Star Wars. You have to fly to avoid all enemies and challenges, then save the rebels who were stranded with a limited time. Link:

7. Galactians 2 (PC and mobile)
As an adventure game that tells a plane in space, you are tasked to shoot and avoid all the enemies that come off.

8. Space Blaster (PC)
Just like Galactians 2, your task in the game Space Blaster is shooting the enemy and avoid the meteors are coming.
However, the enemies in Space Blaster is more violent and aggressive.

9. Dark Age (PC)
While collecting treasure, you have to shoot and avoid a bunch of skeletons comes to gang life. In each area, you should be able to reach the exit.
The faster you play, the less easy resume easier who came over.

10. Onslaught – (PC)

OnslaughtOnslaught is a game that is simple, but quite tiring because you have to constantly click the mouse, let alone enemies always move quickly.
The enemies in the form of monsters, from the small to large, they are out of the three doors.
Well, you have to throw a weapon to destroy them.

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