Thinner Laptops Will Become a New Trend

In 2007, Asus shocked the world with its phenomenal EeePC. Since then a new term ‘netbook’ rapidly gained the popularity. The netbook is filling the gap between PDA and laptop. Recently, some laptops producers launched thin laptops that have 11 to 12 inch LCD displays. It was time when people choose to have high end laptops with thicker and wider display, and of course higher price. But as the economic crisis that now we are all going through, people tend to choose low end products.

Not only cheaper, smaller laptops are also much more lighter that makes them easily to be brought everywhere. That’s one of many reasons why thinner and lighter laptops will be the next trend.

It doesn’t mean that high end laptops will be left behind. They have their own market. As those who prefer speed and performance will only take low end laptops to be their second system. Furthermore, the lack of optical drive in thinner laptops will be the most reason for them to choose another products.

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