iPhone 4 Sold Out!!!

iPhone 4.0 Sold Out!!! Apple fans are really crazy. Only in one day, they made the newest Apple gadget iPhone 4.0 sold out. Online site for booking beginning to shut down temporarily because Apple and its exclusive partner in the U.S., AT & T, fearing inadequate availability of stock when it is launched on June 24, 2010.

"Because the demand is very high and beyond our expectations based on the capacity of inventory, we stopped ordering early today to ensure that all who have ordered can get it," said the AT & T in a statement Wednesday (16 / 6 / 2010).

Apple states, up to now, there are about 4.600.000 people who has ordered this newest Apple’s gadget. This is about 10 times as much consumer enthusiasm as the previous version, the iPhone 3GS. Besides the U.S., early reservations for the iPhone 4.0 also has conducted in England, France, Germany, and Japan.

Due to this massive request, AT & T site is overloaded on the first day reservations, last Tuesday. Many consumers failed to make a reservation online and got an error message. AT & T and Apple apologized for this and hope that the requesting remain willing to go to the Apple stores when the product is available later.

The same thing happened in Japan. Hundreds of people were willing to queue in Softbank Network’s shops, telecommunications operators which became Apple’s exclusive partner, to obtain an order form in the rain and humid weather. Softbank President’s, Masayoshi Son had apologized for his company was not able to fulfilled all orders because the demand was unexpected.

iPhone 4 represents the fourth generation of Apple smart phone. This product is available in white and black in two models, each worth $199 U.S. for a capacity of 16 GB and 32 GB for 299 dollars. However, on this early orders, customers will only be give the black iPhone. Compared to the previous version, the iPhone 4’s screen is equipped with a sharper image, better camera, software and the latest iPhone 4 OS.

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