Internet Explorer 9 will have a do not track feature

IE 9 150x150 The new Internet Explorer 9 which will soon be released will reportedly have a do not track feature. This is all in Microsoft mission to making the best internet browser. It is said that Microsoft internet explorer 9 will prevent third party advertiser for tracking internet users for behavioral marketing purposes.

The browser will have a protection lost which will allow the users of the browser to choose who they want to be protected from and who they will allow to track their activities. The users will get the list fro the browser which will track third parties who are following the user.

Unlike the already existing In Private Filtering, this browser provides ore functions and features and d is considered to be ore efficient. It is said that while in private filtering blocks third party scripting they may sometimes fail to block out certain tracking devices.

The actual details of the tracking features in the internet explorer 9 browser are yet to be known and confirmed by the company it self , it is however expected that this addition to the browser will highly reduce marketing spam’s which most internet users consider a nuisance.

It is expected that other browser developers will follow Microsoft explorers lead and develop similar programs for their browsers to spare the users fro unwanted marketing programs.

The new internet explorer will not be available for public until early next year.

source: World News Heard Now

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