How To Win Google+1 Ranking Factor?

After shattering the web with Panda, Google has just announced another hard to beat game: the Google+1. It has confirmed that the number of +1 clicks is now influencing your position before Google’s SERP.

The question is how Google does that? Understanding the ‘how’ factor here is important to get the best way to win the game, so that we can manage ours to be on Google’s list.Google Plus One

At first, let us try to understand on what Google’s +1 button really is.

Google+ is one of Google’s web service that is made to beat Facebook. You may come to an impression that the +1 button is Google’s version of Facebook’s Like button. The +1 button is now displayed on Google’s search result pages and you yourself can add Google’s +1 button to your own blogs or sites. The visitors who like a page or a post can click the +1 button to show Google that they like it. A page or post that gets many +1 clicks obviously offers something that makes it better than average. It makes sense to show these pages higher in the search results.

Is it ok to buy services that offer +1 click package?

As Google rolls out this issue, there are some sites which offer services to give you +1 click. You pay a certain amount of money and the service will increase the number of +1 clicks on your web pages. Does it work?

It is very unlikely that these clicks will increase the position of a web page in Google’s search results, why?

  • You’ll need a Google account to click on the +1 button. Google knows who’s clicking and they also know which other buttons are clicked by that person.
  • These services usually use the same accounts and/or create new Google accounts for the clicks. It’s relatively easy for Google to detect artificial clicks and accounts.
  • It’s the quality of the +1 clicks that matters, not the quantity. If you buy +1 clicks for your website, it is likely that Google will find it out.

So how to win Google+1 ranking factor game?

  • +1 clicks are a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm and you should add the Google +1 button to your web pages. Many websites don’t use the button yet so you will have an advantage if you add the button now.
  • The +1 button is not the only ranking signal that Google uses to determine the position of your site in the search results. Google uses many more signals.
  • Google’s +1 button is a ranking signal that you should not ignore. Don’t forget that there are many other ranking factors that have to be in place before +1 clicks will influence the position of your pages.
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One thought on “How To Win Google+1 Ranking Factor?

  1. The problem with Google is at first they said that +1 will be a ranking factor and has recently reported that they are testing using the +1 rankings as a quality factor to determine if the current algorithms are actually returning quality results or not. Seems strange that they once said it will be and now are saying they're only testing it as pretty much the blocking result tool was used to determine if Panda was on the right track or not. Google is obviously lying as when I'm logged into Google and do a search my own sites (which I have obviously +1'd) are ranking higher than if I was logged out of Google and did the same exact query. So much for them saying they're simply testing. What a bunch of liars.

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