How to Watch Youtube’s Videos Without Advertisement?

Do you want to watch Youtube’s videos without being disturbed by annoying advertisement? For some people, watching videos on Youtube with the ads is just ok. For some, it is really annoying. Here is the good news for those who prefer to watch the videos without those ads.

Starting from this October, Google will give you an option to get rid of those ads. Well, it is not for free. But you have to subscribe to the paid service. If you want the service, you should subscribe for about $10. I think it is fair enough. Now you can enjoy a more comfortable Youtube content without the insertion of advertising.

Does it mean that Youtube will no longer be a free video service?

Yes, it is. We can still enjoy Youtube’s videos for free, of course you will still see ads.

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Why should there be ads?

Well, as you know that you can make money by making videos and upload them to Youtube. The ads you see while playing the videos will give Google some money, and it is shared with owner of the videos. Making money with Youtube is still one of the greatest way of making money on internet today.

This Youtube paid service will feature music key. In addition, there is an offline access option, background playback, and many others.

Youtube have already sent e-mail to the content owners to agree to the terms of ad-free version that will begin on October 22, 2015.

I think it is a good move. As there are so many great videos on Youtube that should have been appreciated in a form of paid subscription.

Unfortunately, up to now, there is still no official announcement from Google about the system of these paid services. Is it possible that there will be an exclusive video that will not appear in the free version?

Or it could be similar to Netflix? A paid online video service that presents videos from television networks.

But, it seems that Youtube’s paid subscription will not work like Netflix. Because many television networks only use YouTube to promote their programs, not their main content. What do you think?

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