How To Update Kindle Fire to 6.2.1

How To Update Kindle Fire to 6.2.1 | Need to update your Kindle Fire? I bet you do, as the original OS doesn’t work as what we have expected. But before you finally decide to upgrade the OS, it is better if we know what kind of changes will this 6.2.1 version do to your Kindle Fire?

What are the big changes? Amazon says that the update enhances UI fluidity and performance, improves the touchscreen’s responsiveness, lets you remove recent items from the carousel, and gives you the ability to add a password lock for WiFi access.

Initial reports are saying that the update does make the UI a bit smoother, and that the Kindle Fire now has fewer problems recognizing touch. The Silk browser, which has been panned for slowness and general lack of smoothness, is said to be improved as well.

Is the new update going to make the Kindle Fire’s software as smooth as the iPad’s? No way — a custom UI layered over an old version of Android will never be that smooth, but it does offer a step forward from where it was.

The ability to customize the carousel is another welcomed change, in fact it’s a head-scratcher that it wasn’t there at launch. If you pick up someone else’s Fire, navigate to a web page, do you want the original owner to see that page featured on the home screen? Now you have the option to remove that.

The WiFi password change is in direct response to concerns over one-click purchases. Amazon has made it remarkably difficult to prevent children from making purchases when using their parents’ Fire. More direct parental controls are probably coming, but requiring a password for WiFi is a small — but significant — step in that direction. Now, as long as WiFi is off when you hand your Fire to a child, he can’t rack up a $1000 bill of apps, movies, and books.

One potential negative that the update brings is that is breaks root, and blocks the use of the Kindle Fire one-click root utility. As the update will be coming over the air whether you like it or not, you’ll need to either flash a custom ROM or a pre-rooted version of 6.2.1 to avoid losing root. We’ll have instructions soon.

How to Update Kindle Fire

If you don’t care about root and want to hurry along the update, you can install manually:

How to manually update Kindle Fire to version 6.2.1
  1. Check to see if you’ve already gotten the OTA. Tap the quick settings icon (the gear on the upper right of your homescreen), tap More, then Device. If it’s 6.2.1 then you already have the update (stop now). If it’s 6.2 then you haven’t received it yet (proceed).
  2. On a PC, download the 6.2.1 software.
  3. With the Kindle Fire powered on and the screen unlocked, connect the device to your PC via USB cable (not included with the Fire). On the PC, open the drive folder for the Fire, and then the kindleupdates folder. Drop the software update file there. This should work just the same on PC or Mac.
  4. After the file transfer has completed (watch the status on your PC), tap the Disconnect button on your Kindle Fire’s screen. Disconnect the USB cable.
  5. After making sure your battery isn’t low, tap the Quick Settings icon on the Fire (that gear icon), then More, then Device. Tap Update your Kindle. The device will begin the process, and reboot twice while updating. After it’s complete, you will be running verison 6.2.1. Enjoy a less buggy, less hackable Kindle Fire.

via PC Mag

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