How to Restore an Acer Laptop to Factory Settings

It doesn’t take a decade for your laptop to simply stop working. After installing your most anticipated software you’ve been waiting for, suddenly your laptop stuttered. A virus can do the same thing. Restoring your laptop to its factory setting is now the only thing you can do.

How to restore acer laptop to factory settingsRestoring your laptop, whatever the brand is, is sometimes a confusing task. Restoring a computer to its original factory settings also cleans up the C drive and removes all the viruses and old programs that bog down a computer and make it slow and unresponsive. However, restoring a system should be a last ditch effort in trying to repair a computer, since restoration causes all programs and many files to be lost forever. Here is the step to restore an Acer laptop to its original factory settings. Follow the steps below to do that.


  • Click “Start” menu
  • Click “Programs”
  • Click “Acer Recovery Management.”
  • Click the “Restore” button on the bottom of the dialog box that opens.
  • Click “Restore System to Factory Default.”
  • Click “Yes” in the warning dialog box which asks if you wish to continue the recovery process.
  • Click “Start” to restore the computer to the default factory settings.

If you are unable to access the Start menu, use the recovery CDs that came with the computer or visit Acer’s website (see Resources below).

Always back-up your important data to CDs or DVDs before restoring your laptop to the factory defaults setting. It is advisable not to place any personal and working files on drive C:, so that when there is a problem with your laptop, you can just simply restoring it to the previous state or factory default setting. In case the restore doesn’t work, you can easily reinstalling your OS without so much worrying about loosing your files.

source: Acer Website

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