How to Activate Cortana Outside US

How to Activate Cortana Outside US | It is relatively easy to make Cortana responds to your voice when you live in countries which is supported by default. The story is a little different for those who live outside US and UK. Fortunately, Microsoft  will gradually add more countries where Cortana will work without any hassle. Today, I’ll share what I’ve done to activate Cortana. I live in Indonesia.

Cortana is one of my reason to install Windows 10 on my old Asus 1215B. The problem is that I live outside US. It seems like Cortana will never officially works in my country. I can only hope that will happen in the next few years.

Here’s is the step I took to make it work.

How to activate Cortana Outside USFirst, make sure that Windows 10 only uses English as the language. You can go to Setting> Time and Language> Region and Language> On the Country section, choose US or UK for English supported country. You can also choose France, Germany, Italy, and Mandarin. And that’s it. You only need to restart Windows 10 and Cortana should work.

If you still have problems with Cortana, try to uninstall any other languages that might have been installed. I have Indonesian. At my first attempt, I can’t activate Cortana just by setting up the Country section. After uninstalling Indonesian language, Cortana finally works on my Windows 10.

Well, I rarely use Cortana actually. It is good. But I don’t like Bing. I do rely my searching on Google. It doesn’t mean that I always believe in what Google gives me. But only because I’m striving to be on the list.

Right now, I need to know how to change Cortana’s background. As you can see on the picture above. The background is black. I want it to be white or another color that I can customize. Anyone know how to do that?

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