Google Spaces a New Way of Having Online Informative Conversation

Google Spaces is an application that Google recently introduced just before the Google I/O 2016. In essence, Google Spaces is a group messaging app that has been equipped with some tools and tricks in it. This application allowing users to continue to get information on all the conversations conducted without the need to move the application.

Google Spaces is an application that is a combination of group messaging and social media as well. With features like that, it means that users can chat with the preferred topics such as social media. If that was not enough to make you interested, then it may be a feature of Google Search, Chrome, and YouTube are integrated directly into the Spaces you can create a bit of muttering and saying wow in the heart.

Why is this interesting? With such capabilities, Google Spaces can create chat activity could continue to be made without having to be moved around application when users want to add a link from a browser or a video link from YouTube.

Google Spaces
Google Spaces

And because this is a Google Spaces aka messaging group chat, then you can add friends into a conversation with a specific topic that could easily add photos, videos, and links.
The basic idea is that Google Spaces, making sharing activity to group the easier by avoiding switching between applications to obtain additional material so that a conversation is getting rich with relevant sources.

Perhaps the most interesting with Google Spaces is not what it does, but what will Google do with Spaces during the event Google I / O 2016. Later, every session at the I / O will have a space of its own, the developers will make it easier to connect with other developers to discuss the same topic before and after the event. Google also will provide some surprises, so had no reason to force developers to install Google Space before coming to Google I / O 2016.

If you are interested, you can download and install Google Spaces for Android, iOS, desktop and mobile web. All who have a Google Gmail account can get this Spaces. Interested?

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