Funny Message From Google

Have you ever got this funny message on your smartphone?

Funny Message From Google

If you quite often use Google as your main search engine on your cell phone like I do, then I bet you have seen this funny message or maybe another version of this pic from the biggest search engine on earth today.

Seems like because I let Google to format the page to better suit my mobile screen. I’m using Sony Ericsson G502. I don’t get this message when I surf the web using Opera Mini.

Unfortunately, I didn’t turn off the mobile viewing option for now I have forgotten which page that could make Google sends this funny message.

There are of course many other versions of this Google’s funny message around the internet nowadays. All you have to do is doing an image search on Google itself.

But most of those pics are not genuinely made by Google. I mean some people do their trick to create the funny message. But this one I post is real.

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