Get Connected With Microsoft Office 2010

Get Connected With Microsoft Office 2010 More advanced than Microsoft Office 2007, Office 2010 comes with Microsoft Office Web Apps technology that allows users to work virtually anywhere by connecting your PC, mobile phones and the internet. With this technology, users can share documents from PC to mobile phones and browsers, or vice versa without changing the look and feel of the document.
“We’re very concerned with the possibility  of lossing content,” said Microsoft Office Product Business Group Head, Bonnie Mamanua, when the media outing with Microsoft, in Cape Lesung, Banten, Friday (06/10/2010) night.
In addition, Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Outlook and OneNote in Office 2010 is equipped with ribbon that automatically adjusted with the user needs. “If we put pictures in Power Point, the ribbon will automatically adjusted itself to show editing images ribbon,” said Office of Consumer Marketing Manager Hafid Hazwar the same occasion.
Furthermore, there are additional social features of the new connector to Microsoft Outlook, presents a history of communication and updates from social networks directly into Outlook. Microsoft Outlook 2010 also allows users to classify incoming email based on sender’s name with less features conversation view. Microsoft Word also progressed with the Backstage features.
By clicking on the file icon, will appear back stage of the page that displays data about the document, print the menu, save and send, and other menus. “On the back stage there is no menu to save and share to web. It is automatically saved on Windows Live. It is also can be shared in PDF,” said Hazwar.
In addition, with PowerPoint 2010, users can edit pictures, texts, and video directly on the fly by utilizing ribbon.
“We can edit the videos, duration, color, just click on the color choice of ribbon connate,” added Hazwar. For Excel, Office 2010 adds features to describe Sparklines trends and data as appropriate. Data can be directly expressed in any form including tables, graphs, pie charts, and others just a click away. Special application, OneNote 2010 allows users to arrange images, video, audio, in a OneNote page. Plus, users can count on OneNote.
“Just try to type 5 * 123 = and press enter, then it will be right out,” added Hazwar. As for Microsoft Office 2010 can be enjoyed by consumers after the official launch on June 15. After that, customers who purchase Office 2007 and activates in the period 5 March to 30 September can be a free upgrade to Office 2010 by going to the page

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