Finding A Good Keyword is Easy

Every post should have certain keywords. It is the keyword which leads visitors to come and read the post. A good keyword is the most important thing for SEO. Of course we should never forget the quality of the content. Great quality content still holds the most important role in achieving best SEO score.

Let’s say you want to start writing a post. You want to write about one of your passions. You’ve been thinking about it for a while, doing some research, asking yourself and your colleagues about the topic, and you are ready to set.

You may start writing your first sentence. Develop your ideas, complete the post with pictures and videos, and finally drawing conclusion. Before tapping at the Publish button, you even read your draft once again. It is a happy face you wear on for 5 minutes.

After a week, you try to check whether your great post has been gaining a lot of visitors or not. Well, yes, there are about 50 visitors. And you start grinning. What’s wrong with the post? Why people don’t come to read it? It is a great post that cover the topic almost thoroughly.

The reason why a good post fails to gain a lot of readers is mostly because it is written without considering the keyword, about what people would type on the search bar. So, how to find a good keyword for your great content? Fortunately, it is not that hard.

Finding a good keyword is easy

By using Google search. It is the easiest way to guess what people might type on Google search bar to find your post.How to find a good keywordIt is free. You don’t even have to pay a penny. So, before you start writing a post, try to find what people might type to search on your topic. You can also find another great post’s idea for your next blog’s update.

Is it enough?

Well, there is another free tool to find good keyword that has a more powerful sets of features. Try to use Google Keyword Planner. It is also free. If you have already set a Google account then you can just sign in and start using it to find good keywords.

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