Download Microsoft OneNote 2013 Full Version for Free

Download Microsoft OneNote 2013 Full Version for Free | Well, I’m not a hardcore Microsoft fans, but I have to admit that OneNote is one of its best note taking apps on Windows. As now it is also available for another OS, I bet that now more people will love to use it.

OneNote used to be a part of Microsoft Office suite. So, in order to use it, we had to buy full Office suite. Now, we can only download a OneNote 2013 standalone installer and use it on our computer for free. Last year version was a restricted version, means that some of it’s features are disabled. But still, we can do basic note taking activities like typing, handwriting, drawing, record video and or audio clips, and many other things. OneNote is really a great app.

Recently, Microsoft has released a fully functional standalone version of OneNote 2013 for free to public which comes without any restriction.

Download Microsoft OneNote 2013

Now you can enjoy the full version of OneNote 2013 on your PC without purchasing Office 2013 suite. Following are the new features of OneNote 2013 which were not available in previous restricted version:

  • Password Protection: You can add a password to protect your notes.
  • Page History: You can view older versions of a page.
  • Audio and Video Recordings
  • Audio Search: You can search for a word in voice or video recordings.
  • Embedded Files: You can insert Office documents or other files in your notebooks.

The latest version is now available to be installed and used without any restriction. It functions like the one which was on Microsoft Office suite.

Please note that this free edition of OneNote saves/stores your notes on Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service for easy access across all your devices. It works whether you’re online or offline. Don’t worry! Using your free Microsoft account, you can get 15 GB of OneDrive space for free which will have no limits on the number of notes you create using OneNote.

OneNote 2013 can be installed and used in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both 32-bit and 64-bit editions are available for download.

If you want to download and use OneNote 2013, you can download it here:

It is really a good news for OneNote lovers.

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