Cortana is Awesome, But I Don’t Use It Very Often

As I have written on How to Enable Cortana Outside US, Cortana is one of my reasons to install Windows 10 on my old Asus 1215B as soon as it was available to download. I have tried it many times. And yes, I’m falling in love with this feature. The way Cortana calls me, hmmm…, it reminds me of the main character of Her. The voice of Scarlett Johansson on the movie is so sexy. I wonder if Cortana is using the voice to say hi…. It will be more than just great.

But after ‘talking’ to her for sometime, I don’t think it is cool to literally ‘talking’ to my laptop. Well, yes. It is Cortana which is listening to me. And she gives me the answer of every questions I throw at her. But I think I need more time to be get used to talk to my laptop, especially when I’m not alone. I don’t want to see my son looking at me weirdly when I’m doing it.

CortanaIt is just much easier for me to type the keywords that I’m searching for than tell them to Cortana. I’m not saying that Cortana’s voice recognition capability is poor. No, she’s good. Even if my voice is not loud enough, she’s still able to understand it.

The case will be different if I use Cortana on my smartphone. It is more common to see people talking to a phone than to a laptop. Although they have the same capability to ‘hear’ the words we speak to them, but talking to a laptop is not a cool thing. At least, today.

Another reason why I don’t use Cortana is that she is only using Bing. I love Windows 7 and Windows 10. But Bing? Nope!

Up to now, I haven’t figured out how to change Cortana’s main search engine. Let’s say to replace Bing with Google or Yahoo on Cortana.

So, what do you think about Cortana? Is she really a helpful companion to you?

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