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Looking for best free ebook download site? Lately, Google has just banned e-book sharing sites like So where else can we download for qualified e-book for our research? As we know that buying books is sometimes difficult for those who live in a country that the banks are not trusted by international banking community. Here is the site you can give a try to find downloadable free e-book.

Go to

And to help you figure out what kind of site is BookFi, here is a screen shot of the site I ‘ve just grab from my screen….


The site is relatively clean from ads. Well, you’ll see the ads here and there, but those ads are greatly placed without too much grabbling our attention. It is still obvious to find where the button we should click in order to download the book we have searched before.

For some e-books, especially the ones which are small enough in size, you’ll also have the possibility to download the e-pub, txt, pdf, and also some other e-book popular formats. So, need a free e-book, visit the site.

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