Are You a Blogger Or a Content Creator?

Great Content Great Traffic

Being a blogger is really a choice. As it is not as easy as declaring to the whole world that “I’m a blogger!”. Blogging is sharing. Maybe that’s the first thing comes in every new blogger’s mind like I did. But the more I get myself deeper to this blogging routines, sharing is the word I have to admit to be challenged from time to time.

Let’s say that I found a great article somewhere that I think might be useful for my readers. I quote some words from that articles, write that the topic is really important to read, and than published it just like what I’ve from time to time. Sometimes I’m just too tired to rewrite the article so I just copy-and-paste it and ‘share’ it to the world. Isn’t that ‘sharing’?

Well, today, that’s not enough. Sharing things I read from the web – reposting – to be exact, means almost nothing to the readers, as there are so many ‘bloggers’ doing the same thing. Bloggers are now have to coupe with those SEO’s stuffs. Get along with Google to gain more readers. And that’s completely a different story. So? What should a blogger do with the blog?

Creating content?

That’s what being discussed today on BlogWorld. I don’t have such competence to write more on this. So, if you do want to follow the discussion, visit this site.

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