Android apps to help Alzheimer’s patients from Samsung

Android apps for Alzheimer | Are you looking for an Android application to help Alzheimer’s patients? Now you can get one to increase their ability to remember things. What’s the name of the app? It is Memory Backup. This Android app is carefully designed to help them understanding and using Android. Although it is not a rarely boasted app, but its presence is ultimately a great gift. And Backup Memory is just greater when we know that the apps for Alzheimer is built by Samsung.

It is of course a good news. As we know that Samsung is now striving to keep its throne as the market leader, still, they seem to give this small targeted market and develop a great app to help people. Backup Memory is developed under the supervision of Samsung Electronics Tunisian.Android Apps For Alzheimer

Alzheimer itself is not contagious. It is a syndrome similar to apoptosis of brain cells at the same time, resulting in decreased memory. Backup Memory application acts as a stimulator, which can slow down the progression of the disease by stimulating mental in a form of a reminder.

Backup Memory helps patients to be aware of the environment around them. For example help them to identify family members and friends. This application also reminds them about their relationship with each person as well as the memories they have in the past through videos and pictures.

This app have been tested and they have seen some good results.

Up to now, the development of this great app for Alzheimer is still in progress. Members of the research team are working to add some more features. They are also working on the user interface. In the next future, there will be a feature that allows family members to locate their friends or relatives who are using this app in real-time using GPS and Bluetooth.

If you are interested in using Backup Memory, you can download Backup Memory from Google Play Store.

Here is the description of the app on Google Play Store:

Recent research has proven that constant mental stimulation can delay the loss of memory with Alzheimer early stage. At that level, Alzheimer sufferers are confronted to unexpected future. To preserve their memory, they needs solutions in helping them to be continuously connected to their memories.

In real time and directly to their phones, the Backup Memory provides patients with reminders of the identity of the person entering their field of intimacy, via instant notifications. Patients can thus view their relationship status with that person, as well as memories, photos or videos related to them. This is a non-medical therapy that continuously exposes the patient to the past and greatly improves the patient’s memory.

Well, I have to say that this is really a good effort to help people.

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