6 Things To Optimize Your Netbook

Acer Aspire One 532G 6 Things To Optimize Your Netbook. I bet that you are a netbook owner. From time to time, people decide to choose netbook rather than a laptop or notebook for their daily computing routine. Every netbook vendor claims that their products are the best netbook on the market. Do you believe in them? I bet you don’t. What I believe is that every netbook on the market is made to be the best. The fact that one netbook is better than the other is another story. If I said that Acer is the best netbook vendor, one would say that it is because I have never tried other netbooks. Unfortunately, thats the truth. Hehe ….
Optimizing our netbook is a must. Why is that so? As you know, netbook is not a notebook. Well, that’s for sure. Netbook is not made for doing jobs that required speed and performance, like editing your movie or playing full 3D games. Well some of them are more than able to do that, like the most recommended gaming netbook – the HP 311. But, once again, most netbooks or “regular netbooks” are made to do “light” things. Let’s say running Microsoft Office, opening multimedia files, and of course like what you are doing right now, surfing the internet.
Whatever your netbook’s brand you own right now, here are six things you can do to optimize your netbook.

  • Use a light multimedia player. I do recommended the Media Player Classic HC or the K-Lite Code Pack. You will get the Media Player Classic HC completed  with almost all of multimedia codecs you’ll ever need on your netbook. After installing the K-Lite Code Pack, I never use Windows Media Player anymore.
  • Uninstall any application that is no longer needed.
  • Do not use the default Windows Disk Defragmenter that will defrag all of your hard disk space. Defraggler is highly recommended for this task.
  • If you are a Windows lover, use Windows Classic theme to get your netbook works faster. This theme can significantly reduce the use of RAM and lighter the CPU’s works.
  • Turn off Bluetooth, FireWire, and WiFi when they are not in use. It will give you more minutes from your battery.
  • Although netbook is fully able to do multitasking, but do not force it to work that way. The first reason is once again, the battery, the second is that it will make the netbook’s processor works too hard. Try this, connect to the internet through your bluetooth cellphone, typing some paragraphs on your Ms. Word, and listen some mp3s through Winamp. Do that for about 5 minutes. See how long your battery will stand.
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