6 Reasons To Try Gimp 2.8

Gimp 2.8 has just been rolled out. This open source image manipulation software is a great choice for those who need powerful yet free image manipulation software. For those who has been accustomed to the way you touch your pics and photos on Photoshop, will get no significant problem to deal with this Gimp. For those who use Linux for the main operating system, Gimp is on the first place of their list of image manipulation software. It is free, reliable, fast, and small to download.

The Gimp 2.8 is the latest version. If you are still in doubts whether it is worth or not to try Gimp 2.8 on your system, (Windows or Linux), here, read 6 reasons to try Gimp 2.8 as you can read on PC World.

Gimp 2.8

1. Single Window Mode

Before this 2.8 version, Gimp used multi windows interface. It lets every single windows or dialog boxes opened separately from the main window. Seems like Gimp 2.8 wants to make the program looks more familiar, as other similar software uses single window interface.

When the single window mode is activated, you can still have the documents opened in their own tabs.

2. Multi-Column Dock Windows

Here again is about the interface. You can now arrange every dialog box pops up into some columns. This feature is great for users who have some windows all at once. One window can be used to keep all the tools, while on the other window is used to do your work.

3. Directly Editing The Text

In the previous version, Gimp had separated dialog box to edit the text on the picture. Now you edit your text directly on the picture.

4. Saving and Exporting are now working differently

On Gimp 2.8, saving means to save the document into XCF format. While Exporting means to save the documents into other picture format, like JPG or PNG.

5. Layer Grouping

Starting on this newest version, Gimp introduces the layer grouping. Just like in the Photoshop, layer grouping will simplify the usage of many complicated layers.

6. Cairo

GIMP 2.8 is now utilizing Cairo Graphic Library. You can now enjoy a far better smooth and beautiful graphic.

Want to try latest Gimp 2.8? This is free to download for Windows, Linux, or Mac based PC. To download and get some tutorial on how to install it to your PC or laptop, visit here

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